LOSiam, also known as Le laboratoire Olfactif du Siam (ห้องปฏิบัติการสกัดน้ำหอมสยาม), is an artisanal fragrance laboratory situated in the serene town of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. This traditional establishment specializes in extracting fragrances and aromas from locally sourced and ethically grown raw materials, with a primary focus on reviving the scents of flowers used in the Thai culture.

The sacred lotus Nelumbo nucifera

LOSiam's fragrance extraction process is both traditional and artisanal, using responsible green chemistry and sustainability practices. The lab works exclusively with locally sourced raw materials, ensuring the freshest and highest quality ingredients for each fragrance. The team at LOSiam takes pride in their work, carefully extracting the full aromatic profile to create natural fragrances for the perfume and fine food industry around the world.

The delicate coffee blossoms

LOSiam is a testament to the beauty and art of fragrance extraction. Their commitment to traditional techniques, sustainability, and biodiversity conservation has enabled them to create natural fragrances that are unmatched in quality and beauty. From the delicate coffee blossoms to the revered sacred lotus, LOSiam's fragrances capture the essence of Thailand, evoking a sense of gratitude, reflection, and serenity with each scent.

Capturing fragile and subtle elements is challenging but that's what LOSiam is best at

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